Let your business to grow with us

We offer an after-sale service, providing supports for home users. We also have separate Corporate Care team, who are specialized in solving problems in the corporate networks, to help our corporate users. To ensure quality service and reduce response time, you will always work with one regular support staff who possesses a deep understanding of your problems and your organization backgrounds.

Domain Registration

  • Establish your business identity on the world wide web
  • Branding
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking

Web Hosting

  • Hosting opportunity for your website
  • Domain-Associated Email Address

Safe DNS

  • Enables you to control internet access in your organization
  • Clean Internet
  • Increase productivity

Redundant Link

  • A backup link to keep your Internet operational

Data Connectivity

  • Leading-edge MPLS technology for absolute privacy
  • Provider independence for increased resilience
  • Features service level guarantees for latency, jitter and packet loss
  • Enterprise-grade security and accessibility
  • 24/7 monitoring, management and support

Free Home Internet

  • One Home Internet connection for IT Manager for support from home Or
  • One Home Internet connection for working from home

Tier-1 Upstream

We take IP Transit from the country's top and Tier-1 International Internet Gateway.

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Connected with Multiple IX

More Closer to Most Famous CDNs.

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DDoS Protected

Fully-Managed DDoS Protection at both WAN and LAN side.

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